Picture Frame Tutorial Sims 3


What you will need

Part 1:  Exporting the Frame Template to Photoshop

Open TSR Workshop.

Choose Create New Project.

Choose Object 


Choose Category Decor > Paintings and posters.  

Scroll through the decor until you see the frames you are allowed to clone.
Select the Frame you want to clone and click NEXT.

Change the Name and Description in all 3 sections.  It can also be changed later.
Then click next.  It will show Finished.  Click OK.

The framed picture will appear on the left.
Select the Texture tab on the right.  Select Overlay and click Edit.

A window with the template will pop up.  Click Export.  
Save the .dds file to your desktop, you can rename it if you want.

Part 2:  Import Template into Photoshop

1- Open Photoshop.  Open the .dds template you just exported for this project.
With the Rectangular Marquee tool select the area of the image.   Copy  (Control-C) 




2- Open a new image in photoshop (Control+N  ) and Paste (Control+V).   
This will make it easier to size your new picture.

3- If the image you want to use is on your desktop, drag the image into the new image.
Go to  Edit Menu> Transform>Scale .  Hold down the Shift key while doing this so image does not distort and scale until you size it the way you want it to look.
Then go to Layer Menu> Flatten Image.

4- Select All Control+A  and Copy Control+C. 

5- Go back to the DDS template and the marquee should still be highlighted.  Paste in your newly sized image.  It should paste within the marquee area perfectly like the below image.
note: If the marquee is not highlighted because you clicked somewhere just Undo Control+Z.

6- Save your .dds file.  The following DDS Plugin will ask you how you want to save.
Choose from the dropdown:  DXT5  ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha.  Click Save.  That's it !


Part 3:  Import template back to TSR Workshop.

If TSR Workshop is still open to where you left off, (Texture tab) just click Import and import your newly saved image .dds file.  It will show up in the current frame, and click Done.

Multiple Frame Styles:

(  In the game when you hold down on a picture in inventory do you notice how you can choose the frame color you want from some of the frame styles?  )   

Look under the dropdown in the Texture tab (see image below) that comes with your frame. Your frame comes with several sets of styles.  You must change the image in each one or click the little paper icon upper right to delete that style.  If you forget to do this step the old image will be part of your frame.
We don't want that...

Choose the second frame on the dropdown and you'll notice your frame color changes but still shows the old image!  To keep this frame color you must change the image.  Click on Overlay. Click Edit.  

This time you won't need to find your new image like you did in the first frame. Instead click Browse. (reason is to keep the file size down).    

The below screen will come up.  Click the line of code that appears and your image will show up on the right. Click OK.  Click Done.


Do these steps for every frame style on the list, or delete and or change the ones you don't want.

Optional:  If you want a different frame style like another wood, I suggest you delete all frames on the list except the first one.  Choose the wood you want from here:  
Scroll down on the Textures tab and go to Pattern A.  Click Edit.


Click open the Folder icon.

Find the material you want for your frame.  Select it and choose Done. And Done again.

If you only want one color frame then you're done with this part. Otherwise duplicate your frame, (little paper icon on the upper right)  edit the frame color in Pattern A.  Duplicate and change colors several times if you want. 
Important:  With each frame set, you must change the image in "Browse" like we did before.

Now go through all the frames you made to make sure your new image shows in each one.

Room Category
On the Project Tab scroll down to Room Category and check off which rooms you want this frame to be listed under in game.  note: In Game you can also find your Pictures under 


You are done!   Now go to File Menu > Export > Sims3Pack.

Additional Notes:
If you forgot to change the Project Title at the beginning or want another title to show in game,  change it here:

From the Project Tab, click on the Name and Description.
Enter the new text, click Copy to All and Click Save.
You can also set the game price of your painting under Price.


Now Export your painting to Sims3Pack. 



Variation: - Multi images in one frame. 

This is where your frame can hold lots of different images. This saves room in inventory and makes it easy to find a set of paintings.

Example of how it looks in the Game.

To create a multi image frame, delete all existing frame styles as we did before, leaving just one frame.  Duplicate it 3 or more times, so all frames are the same color.
Create a .dds file for each image you want to use and import each one into it's own frame. So instead of using the Browse for the additional frames, you are using Import.

All other steps remain the same.  Export to Sims3Pack.

I do not know if DDS plugin will work in Paintshop or anything else.


You may wonder how you can use a custom frame instead of one from a game.

Find a custom frame you are allowed to use, instead TSR workshop instead of choosing object,
choose New Import, and import your .Sims3pack or .package file.  And continue..